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Paul B. Knese Ph.D

Paul B. Knese Ph.D

AMLO / Supervision

For the past 28 years Dr. Knese has been guiding clients to achieve their financial objectives
successfully. As a result many are now enjoying a comfortable, worry-free retirement. Many
younger clients have embarked on a deliberate path to their financial security as well. He
specializes in a well-rounded comprehensive approach to financial planning that most prefer. His

experience derives from a 22-year career in the US Air Force, as a research test pilot and a high-
level planner. Upon retirement from the Air Force, he served as Associate Professor at Saint

Louis University’s Parks College, where he developed their Avionics Program. In his spare time
for 16 years he has served as a pilot flying humanitarian missions here in St. Louis, in Guatemala,
and throughout the Midwest.